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Migraine is a complex and often debilitating disorder.There are different types of migraine , and several treatment options. Migraine treatment approaches can be classified as acute treatments, which aim to reverse or stopthe migraine symptoms , and preventive treatments, which aim to reduce the frequency and severity of migraines. Many people with migraine need both types of treatment. Another treatment strategy is to identify and avoid personal triggers.

To help figure out the best treatment approach, it’s helpful to start with a Soludos Womens Embroidered Smoking Slipper Flat Chambray WeZ5uJ
. Keeping an accurate, complete diary of every migraine attack and all of your symptoms will help your migraine specialist make a correct migraine diagnosis . The record of your pattern of pain will also assist the doctor in determining which treatment might work best for your situation.

The goal of migraine treatment

The U.S. Headache Consortium lists the following goals of long-term migraine treatment:

In addition, the U.S. Headache Consortium has established the following goals for successful treatment of acute migraine attacks:

Types of migraine treatments

Migraine treatments can be divided into various classifications: acute or preventive, as well as prescription or over-the-counter (OTC). Acute medications are those used when a migraine attack is currently happening. They are also known as abortive medications. Preventive medications are used on an ongoing basis, even when an attack is not occurring, in the hope that they will prevent or reduce attacks. Preventive medications are also called prophylactic medications.

Prescription migraine treatments

Examples of Aetrex Womens Abigail Sandal Black rzLXF4i
drugs used as abortive medications for acute symptom relief include:

Examples of AllhqFashion Womens Pointed Closed Toe Low Heels Soft Material Solid Lace Up PumpsShoes Red XRycy

Diadora Ergo MTB Shoe Silver hyNjVz

OTC medications for acute symptoms relief include:

Nerve Stimulators

In addition to medications, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved two nerve stimulators that may be used in certain people with migraines who have not gotten relief from other methods.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Some people with migraines also use Piper Finn Genuine Leather Oxford Shoes Baby Soft Sole Toddler Hard Sole Classic Dots UGAeTWgY
approaches to get relief from their migraine symptoms. Complementary and alternative medicine includes any medicinal products or practices that are not part of mainstream medicine given by medical doctors and allied health professionals, such as nurses or physical therapists. Alternative medicine is also defined by its use as an alternate to traditional medical care. Complementary medicine is used in combination with traditional medicine. These types of treatments include:

As always, the best source for advice on treating your migraine is your own Skechers Mens TRONTOM Quillin Athletic Shoes Black/Red oZ6xy2k
. These medication descriptions are provided only for informational purposes. You should begin no medication regimen without first checking with your physician.

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Rev. Dr. Patrick Fung

general director, OMF International

”No Solitary Effort” deserves a wider audience than just Christians interested in unreached people groups in China or SEAsia today. Suburban pastors engaged in global missions, short-term workers, Christians from tribal backgrounds, and others can all benefit. Christians today who partner with Majority World believers can see how a large mission organization like China Inland Mission/OMF needed to adapt from pioneer evangelism and leadership training to true partnerships between Western, Chinese, and tribal believers.

Julian D. Linnell, PhD

executive director, Anglican Frontier Missions

With his God-given ability to tell a story well in conjunction with his scholarly interest and knowledge of history, Neel Roberts has produced a piece of writing that is well worth reading for anybody interested in cross-cultural mission, involved in missions, or responsible for anything that has to do with the mission enterprise.

Sam Wunderli

field director, OMF Mekong



Chapter 1 : Foundations: How the CIM Got to the Upper Mekong Region

Chapter 2: First Period: 1865–1895

Chapter 3: The Upper Mekong Region at Last

Chapter 4: J. O. Fraser, the Lisu, and the CIM

Chapter 5: The 1940s and the Houghton Era




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A Reader in Missionary Anthropology

by: Alan R. Tippett (Author) , Doug Priest (Editor) , John Williams (Contributors) , Samuel Zwemer (Contributors) , J. Olumide Lucas (Contributors) , George Brown (Contributors) , William Yate (Contributors) , Alexander Hetherwick (Contributors) , Lorimer Fison (Contributors) , Charles Fox (Contributors) , Wesley J. Culshaw (Contributors) , Alexander Hetherwick (Contributors) , R. H. Codrington (Contributors) , William Ellis (Contributors) , William E. Bromilow (Contributors) , R. H. Rickard (Contributors) , William and Charlotte Wiser (Contributors) , Denys W. T. Shropshire (Contributors)

YiDiar Fashion Mens Lightweight Walking Jogging Sports Sneakers Athletic Trainer Classic Running Shoes Black/White SmleD0AV8
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Alan Tippett’s publications played a significant role in the development of missiology. The volumes in this series augment his distinguished reputation by bringing to light his many unpublished materials and hard-to-locate printed articles. These books— encompassing theology, anthropology, history, area studies, religion, and ethnohistory— broaden the contours of the discipline. Missionaries and anthropologists have a tenuous relationship. While often critical of missionaries, anthropologists are indebted to missionaries for linguistic and cultural data as well as hospitality and introductions into the local community. In The Ways of the People, Alan Tippett provides a critical history of missionary anthropology and brings together a superb reader of seminal anthropological contributions from missionaries Edwin Smith, R. H. Codrington, Lorimer Fison, Diedrich Westermann, Henri Junod, and many more. Twenty years as a missionary in Fiji, following pastoral ministry in Australia and graduate degrees in history and anthropology, provide the rich data base that made Alan R. Tippett a leading missiologist of the twentieth century. Tippett served as Professor of Anthropology and Oceanic Studies at Fuller Theological Seminary.

Series Foreword



A History of Missionary Anthropology

Introduction Part I: Pre-history

Part II: Human Relations in Life and Death

Part III: Social Organization and Institutions

Part IV: Creative Arts

Part V: Economics

Part VI: Communication

Part VII: Phenomenology of Religion

Part VIII: Ritual Performance

Part IX: Culture Contact and Cultural Dynamics

Part X: Ethnopsychology

Part XI: Ethnotheology

Part XII: Social Values

Part XIII: Applied Anthropology

Part XIV: Research Methodology

Part XV: Theory of Anthropology


References Cited

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Church, Ummah, or Somewhere in Between

by: David Greenlee (Editor) , Bob Fish (Editor) , Mary McVicker (Author) , Nicole Ravelo-Hoerson (Author) , Farida Saidi (Author) , J. Dudley Woodberry (Author) , Tim Green (Author)

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Understanding the strength and unity of the — the worldwide Muslim community—and its role in an individual’s identity is essential in comprehending the struggles that Muslims undergo as they turn to faith in Jesus Christ. It has been a place of security, acceptance, protection, and identity; turning away from it entails great sacrifice. Where, then, will Muslims who choose to follow Jesus find their longing for community fulfilled: , church, or somewhere in between? compiles the research and reflection of twenty missiologists, sociologists, anthropologists, and linguists—among them Muslims who have become believers in Jesus Christ— presented at the second Coming to Faith Consultation in February2010. The contributors explore the multiple levels and hybrid nature of social identity, pointing to the need to free our discussions from single-dimensional scales, which are far from adequate to describe the complex nature of conversion and lived-out faith. Beyond the issue of identity, the contributors offer important lessons from mission history, explore liturgy as an appropriate vehicle for teaching, discuss appropriate means of communication, and point to both the need and contextually appropriate possibilities of greater involvement of women in training and ministry.

I found the book very thought provoking in the very issues that many missionaries are facing in the field. Our cultural ways as Latinos or Westerners are sometimes obtrusive of how God sometimes deals in His way with them. We need to be open to the manifold wisdom of God manifested in the East. Miracles, dreams, visions, and allowing the Holy Spirit to apply the revelation of the Scriptures in different homiletical categories that we have learned in the Systematic Theology.

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Gulf Coast Pathology Associates, P.A. (GCPA), located in the Greater Houston area, is dedicated to providing excellent quality pathology services for our patients and referring physicians. We are focused on quality of patient care and provide accurate results in an efficient and timely manner.

GCPA pathologists are board certified in Anatomic Pathology, Clinical Pathology, or combined Anatomic and Clinical Pathology. All of the pathologists have fellowship training, and most have subspecialty board certification, representing a variety of pathology subspecialties: Blood Banking/Transfusion Medicine, Hematopathology, Cytopathology, Forensic Pathology, and Molecular and Human Genetics.

Gulf Coast Pathology Associates Physicians

Paul M. Allison, M.D. Anatomic and Clinical Pathology, Blood Banking

Paul M. Allison, M.D.

Alice J. Chen, M.D., PhD. Clinical Pathology, Blood Banking, PhD Molecular

Alice J. Chen, M.D., PhD.

Laurie S. Holley, M.D. Anatomic and Clinical Pathology, Forensics

Laurie S. Holley, M.D.

Barbara A. Lines, M.D. KWMC Laboratory Medical Director Anatomic and Clinical Pathology

Barbara A. Lines, M.D.

Sara Sant’Ambrogio, M.D. Anatomic and Clinical Pathology, Cytopathology

Sara Sant’Ambrogio, M.D.

Vilmos A. Thomazy, M.D. Anatomic and Clinical Pathology, Hematopathology, PhD Molecular

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